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A Word on Fasting from Pastor Melanie

 This Lent we are inviting our entire church family to fast with us on Thursdays during lent. Our Thursday fast would begin Thursday, February 15. We do not want to focus on fasting for weight loss, or in an attempt to talk God into giving us our way, or to show off to our friends how holy we are. Instead, we need to follow the example of Jesus and fast with the intention of connecting with God on His terms. John Wesley says this:

“First, let fasting be done unto the LORD with our eye singly fixed on Him.

Let our intention here in be this, and this alone, to glorify our Father which is in heaven.”

Our goal for this fast is to connect with God and let Him work within us as individuals and as a group. Another benefit of fasting is that we are able to realize our utter dependence on God. Finally, fasting refreshes our priorities and nourishes our spirit.

Let’s get practical about how to fast. First, check with your doctor on how and if you should fast. Then commit to what the fast will look like for you. You can skip breakfast and lunch and break your fast at dinner. You can fast all three meals and break fast Friday morning. You can do a juice fast or fast from all food. Whatever you determine, stick to it during the season of Lent.

Second, for at least fifteen minutes during each meal that you skip pray and seek God. Begin your time by saying the Lord’s Prayer and then pray however you feel led. Next, simply be quiet and listen. I find humming a hymn tune or singing a praise song I like helps me to focus as I listen. You can also take one line of Scripture and meditate on it. Keep paper handy and write down anything you think you heard. Then ask the Lord to bless your time and end praying in the name of Jesus.

Third, don’t attempt this fast alone. Let us know that you are accepting the invitation to fast so I can pray for you. Each Wednesday evening, I will email you an encouragement and scripture focus. Please respond to the email and let me know how your fast is going and if I can help you in any way. 

 Our God is King and there is no other. Let us bond together in obedience to Christ and pray together for the mission of the church and for the nourishment of our souls.



Pastor Melanie 

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